How to Negotiate Like a Child: Unleash the Little Monster Within to Get Everything You Want

Anyone who’s ever argued with a child knows that they can be incredible little negotiators.  How to Negotiate Like a Child mixes lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek humor with eminently practical real-world strategies to show readers how to turn the tide in any adult negotiation by using kids’ tactics. From throwing a tantrum, to taking your toys and going home, this unique book will make readers smile while opening their eyes to remarkably effective negotiating strategies they’ve never before thought to use. Techniques can be used effectively in all aspects of business, from getting a job to closing a deal and even in non-business situations — everything from trying to get an airline seat, to dealing with customer service at the phone company.

The reviewers have spoken:

Library Journal: “This droll little work will do well on public library shelves.”

The Globe and Mail (Toronto): “The book is humorously written, fun to read — and potentially useful in expanding your negotiating approach. But Mr. Adler stresses that getting your child to clean his or her room is beyond the scope of the book.”

MarketingProfs Today e-newsletter: “a tongue-in-cheek but eminently practical handbook to get you what you want.”