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We've included some other useful information on this page, including how to write a book proposal, sample book proposals, how to promote your book, working with your publisher, secrets of publishing contracts, an FAQ about agents and publishing, a sample author collaboration agreement, and who's who at Adler & Robin Books. Feel free to email us. Enter our Worst Book Idea Contest. Be sure to see our new report on banned books. Want to see what Rosie O'Donnell said about Bill Adler, Jr.'s book, Outwitting Squirrels, when he appeared on her show? We also have a page about time travel fiction.  Bill Adler, Jr., President of Adler & Robin Books, is one of the very few book packagers who is also a bestselling author.  His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  We have a list of some of our favorite books about writing and getting published.  If you want to learn about electronic rights, click here.  And if you want to learn six easy tricks to prevent computer disasters, we've got that, too:  useful information for writers who rely on computers.  If you'd like to expand your writing career, take a look at the Outwitting series.  Please visit our new website.

Adler & Robin Books, Inc. is a book packaging company. 

Bill Adler, Jr. is the President of Adler & Robin Books. As the author of over a dozen books himself, some of which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and the creator of many more books, Adler is one of the most creative and inventive forces in book publishing.  He is the inventor of the Outwitting books series.

New:  Now you can become an author of one of the Outwitting books.  Read about the Outwitting series and how you can write an Outwitting book
New:  Help Bill Adler with his next book:  Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding Their Relationships with Their Gadgets
New:  Outwitting Toddlers by Bill Adler, Jr. and Peggy Robin*
New:  Outwitting Critters by Bill Adler, Jr.
New:  Outwitting Deer by Bill Adler, Jr.
New:  Just published: Dr. David Sherer's Hospital Survival Guide: 100+ Ways to Make Your Hospital Stay Safe and Comfortable
New:  Enjoy Music -- visit our Musical Diversions Page
New:  Read about the dangers for authors of print-on-demand
New:  Outwitting Contractors by Bill Adler, Jr.
New:  How to prevent computer catastrophe, a short primer on preventing Murphy's Law.  Essential information for writers who rely on computers.  
Great books about writing and getting published
How to write a trade book proposal.
How to promote your book.
Who's who at Adler & Robin Books, Inc.
Book writing guidelines
Apply for an internship at Adler & Robin Books
Most asked questions of literary agents (The Literary Agent FAQ)
Pointers about publishing contracts
Sample author collaboration agreement
Online bookstore
Worst book idea contest
Report on banned books 
What if book publishers borrowed an idea from the people who write software licenses?
How to protect your rights as an author
Read about making money from electronic rights
Read about Peggy Robin's How to Be a Successful Fertility Patient
How much will you make from your computer book?
A sample nonfiction book proposal (Tell Me a Fairy Tale)
A second sample nonfiction book proposal (Your Second Pregnancy)
A sample computer book proposal. (ActiveX)
Another sample computer book proposal (Linux)
The Outwitting Series (It began with Outwitting Squirrels...)
The books we have represented
Thanks to everyone who helped us with Letters from World War II by Walter Cronkite.
Our bagel humor page (We like to laugh, too, now and then.)
Solve your squirrel problems (how to outwit squirrels)
Learn to fly:  become a pilot
New: Are you a Certified Flight Instructor?  You can contribute to The CFI Advice Book for Pilots
Adler's aviation weather page

Palm Pilot humor page
(we're not only pilots, but Palm Pilot fans, too.)
Are you a Celtic musician or fan?  You can help us with The Field Guide to Celtic Music
Bill Adler Photography

For more information about the Outwitting series, visit www.adlerbooks.com/outwitting.html.
Help us with our new book about naming babies.
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*The Outwitting series was created by and is owned by Bill Adler, Jr.  Globe Pequot is the exclusive publisher of the Outwitting books.

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